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REXLAN EUROPE is a daughter company of CELTYS S.A., Landivisiau, France.

CELTYS S.A. is one of the most important producers of concrete and polymer concrete products for use in the agriculture and employs about 1.000 people in 5 factories and 16 sales offices in Brittany.

REXLAN EUROPE works as the international sales office for CELTYS S.A., and is responsible for the sales of concrete, polymer concrete and composite products outside of France.

These activities are handled from the office in Sorø, Denmark, where sales and administration is placed.

Apart from the products manufactured by CELTYS S.A., which are mainly concentrated in the areas of heating systems for farrowing and post weaning applications as well as feeding systems, is REXLAN EUROPE also developing other products for the agricultural sector, as f. ex. the BOVI-REX™ mat system for cubicles.

Sales and deliveries are mainly made through stable equipment manufacturers and sales companies.

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